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Biodegradable fishing lures are the future of fishing. Pictured Eco Craw in Watermelon with red glitter.
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About Lures

Plastic Free Future

Designed for the environment & all
who inhabit this beautiful planet

We make eco-friendly, bioplastic fishing lures that are designed with two things in mind - to catch fish and to fully biodegrade in the environment. Unlike traditional soft plastic lures, Eco-Logical Lures are made with all natural ingredients. There is absolutely ZERO plastic, diisononyl phthalates, or plastisol used in our formula. 

When you catch a fish with traditional soft plastics and the lure is no longer attached to the hook, you don't know if that lure is in the fish's stomach, blocking its digestive track, or forever sitting on the bottom of the water until the next unlucky organism decides to consume it.  Using Eco-Logical Lures is a guilt-free alternative to soft plastic fishing and one step closer to taking plastic out of fishing lures for good!

All Natural Formula
Enriched with high quality fish oil

Our formula is made up of all natural ingredients, primarily a glycerin and gelatin based bioplastic. If you look closely at traditional soft plastic lure packaging, you will see every one contains a warning label about diisononyl phthalate, a chemical in traditional soft plastics known to cause cancer in humans. Our fishing lures are plastic free, non-toxic, non-cancerous and 100% biodegradable!


Ever wonder why it's harder to trick those older, bigger fish to bite just a little longer? It's because fish have the ability to smell and taste underwater. Older, smarter fish that have been around for a while can taste the difference between their natural forage and plastic lures. They know better than to fully commit to something  that looks natural yet tastes unnatural.


To solve this problem, we have infused high-quality fish oil into every lure. The fish oil gets released as a scent trail in the water to fool even the oldest and smartest of fish. When the fish takes a bite of Eco-Logical Lures, it presents to the fish additional confirmation that it is eating something natural. When the fish picks up on this scent trail in the water, they simply cannot resist the smell and once they go in for a bite, they will not let go.


Lastly, the fish oil adds to the abundance of nutrients in our lures, so if consumed by the fish, it helps them recover after the fight. This is what makes Eco-Logical Lures ideal for catch and release fishing. If our lures gets ingested, the fish gets a free meal to recover quicker rather than a stomach full of rubber, blocking its digestive system and dying slowly.

Handmade & Hand Poured
Proudly made in USA

Every lure is handmade and hand poured in our home kitchen in upstate New York. From the first step of measuring out each ingredient to the final step of packaging our product, it takes four hours to produce one batch of lures (about 45 lures). 


Our at home production is a five step process: cooking, injection, cooling, quality inspection, and packaging. We cook our all natural formula over a stovetop and inject the formula into aluminum molds that are then placed in the refrigerator to cool. Once the lures have solidified, each lure is carefully inspected by hand to ensure the quality and consistency of our product. Lastly, the lures are carefully packaged and shipped to our customers.

Eco-Logical Lures is incredibly proud to make our 100% biodegradable, plastic free fishing lures in our great country, The United States of America.

Persistence is Key
Balance between durability & good action

Our main goal as a company is to eliminate plastic in fishing lures for good and help conserve our environment for years to come. While, a very close second is catching fish consistently. 


Over the course of two years, we have conducted 150+ trial and error tests to make this formula the perfect balance between durability, strong and long lasting on the hook and good action, bounce and flexibility in the water to trigger bites.

When fishing with Eco-Logical Lures, you will experience the guilt-free pleasure of using a high quality biodegradable fishing lure. While greatly increasing your chances to land that monster fish of a lifetime.

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